We are officially in October, which means one thing, it’s time to get spooky! One of the best things about cocktails is how versatile they are, which means you can spice things up for seasonal events and give them that added touch of excitement. Halloween is no exception, with plenty of ways for you to add a spine-tingling touch to your cocktails. Whether it’s coloured ingredients, special decorations, or spooky shaped ice-cubes, keep reading for some inspiration for your Halloween Cocktails.

Halloween cocktails

4 Ways to Make Your Cocktails Halloween Ready

Spice Up Your Ice

Ice is really important for cocktails, but who says you can’t use it to change up the way your cocktail looks as well? Instead of just opting for your usual ice cubes, you can get some different shaped ice moulds that will give your cocktail the spooky twist you’re looking for. Moulds are available in skull shapes, pumpkins, bats, and many other Halloweeny shapes for you to stock up on and add some excitement to your typical cocktail. For cocktails that use crushed ice, try and get your hands on some dry ice! This makes for a fantastic theatrical smokey effect that will really give you the witches brew vibe you are looking for. 

Colour Your Cocktails

The colour of your cocktails can make a big difference! With food colouring, although it doesn’t change the taste, it adds a seasonal twist to it and can turn your favourite summer cocktail into the perfect October drink. This works best for cocktails that are typically clear or light in colour for a fuller impact from the food colouring, or in clear spirit shots to give them a spooky appearance. Most commonly people will go with green, orange, red or dark colours for Halloween drinks, so have a play and see what you come up with.

Edible Decorations

It’s no secret that one of the best things about Halloween is all the sweets. Just because you’re old enough to drink cocktails doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the sweet treats that come along with Halloween! Better yet, why not combine the two? You can decorate your cocktails with lollipops, or use toothpicks to place some sweets on top of the drink sticking out of the top. You could also use a small peg to attach a small bag of sweets to the side of the glass, making the perfect drink for any Halloween party. 

Get Adventurous with Flavours

Halloween is the time to get adventurous with your cocktails, which means you can add a special twist to any drink you want to! Take the time to experiment with some spicy flavours, dark coloured drinks and unique decorations until you come up with your very own special Halloween cocktail. For example, instead of serving up your classic cosmopolitan, instead, use dark berries to create a deep purple drink. Not only will this taste amazing, but it will also give you a spooky colour and create the perfect Halloween vibe.

Get adventurous with your cocktails this Halloween by adding some unique flavours and spooky decorations!