Creating cocktails at home is great, but the home bar experience can be ruined if you don’t have the right glasses to complete your creation. Once you have some staple cocktail recipes down, it’s time to consider investing in some glassware for your drinks. Show off your skills to guests not just with the taste of your cocktail, but also the presentation!

There are a lot of different cocktail glasses out there, and it can be difficult to know exactly what you should get. When stocking a home bar it can be overwhelming trying to find your way through all the different types of cocktail glasses and knowing which ones are worth buying for your first big purchase. Well, buying cocktail glasses doesn’t need to be that complicated. We’ve put together this blog with the 5 types of cocktail glasses you should invest in for your home bar. We have chosen glasses that are great for a variety of drinks, especially the most popular ones that you’re sure to be making every now and then. Keep reading for the cocktail glasses you need to complete your home bar.

5 Must-Have Cocktail Glasses


Highball glasses are great for cocktails that require a lot of ice. Long and thin, they are perfect for giving you some more space for your cocktail and the ice required. This stemware is known by many names such as the Collins and Delmonico, but the highball is the most well-known name. Each glass has a slightly different capacity but they all have that characteristic shape that you expect from a highball glass.

Some of our favourites to serve in these glasses are the Gin fizz, Gimlet, and Tom Collins. 


If you are a lover of tan liquors, then you need a rocks cocktail glass. The rocks glass is great for cocktails that you build within the glass, which are cocktails made without using a cocktail shaker or mixing glass. You can get some really high-quality rocks glasses, making them a fantastic present for Christmas, graduation, or a birthday gift.

Cocktails you commonly serve in these glasses are an Old Fashioned, Sazerac, and Negroni (when served on ice).


Originally couple glasses were used for champagne, but drinkers found that the coupe glass released bubbles to evaporation too quickly. Once the higher end flute cam along, the couple was refashioned and instead used as a cocktail glass, interchangeable with the martini glass. This stemware provides a more stable base for your drink, making the drinker less likely to spill than from a traditional martini glass, which is why it’s one of our top choices for your home bar. The coupe has a charming old Hollywood feel to it and is a wonderful option for serving.

Cocktails that are served in this glass include a Martini, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Daiquiri and a Sidecar.


A flute glass is probably one of the most popular and more widely recognised cocktail glasses of all time. If you are a fan of a boozy brunch, then a flute is a must for your mimosas and bellinis. These glasses are delicate and great for drinks that have an aroma in them while adding a fancy touch to the drink. They are also the top choice for any drinks with carbonation since there is less surface area so your drink will stay bubbly for longer.

Cocktails that are commonly served in these glasses are a Mimosa Drink, Cherry Bubblecake, Sour Champagne, Kir Imperial, Bloody Smurf, Poinsettia and Bellini. 

Gin Goblet

A gin goblet glass is great for a variety of cocktails, and also always handy to have in for those days when you just want a simple gin and tonic. They allow for a large amount of liquid and ice, making them perfect for serving cocktails over ice.

Some cocktails that go best in a goblet are Extrakt Tonic, Absolut Moabit, Rhubarb Juice and Soda, Absolut Juice Rhubarb Spritz and an Aperol Spritz.